Take a peek at what inspires us – influencers, ideas, experiences and other viewing that opens you to ideas and possibility.

Take a peek at what inspires us – influencers, ideas, experiences and other viewing that opens you to ideas and possibility.

Ask What You Can Give, Not What You Can Get

Tony talks about a daily act of kindness. What small act will change your focus to what you can give, instead of what you can get?

5 Tips for Extreme Self Care

No matter whether you're working from home or a frontline worker, make sure you're looking after yourself. Tony and Paula offer 5 tips to optimise your health and wellbeing.

4 Acts of Gratitude

Paula and Tony discuss gratitude practice and offer 4 tips that help us focus on what we have and what we are grateful for. You can begin your gratitude practice anytime to change the way you start every day.

How do we accept uncertainty?

Tony and Paula discuss how we can accept uncertainty, by asking ourselves "what can I control in this moment, and what can I not?". Make the decision to stop trying to control what we cannot and find ways to focus on what's within our influence!!!

What is uncertainty?

Anxiety arises when we are unable to predict or control what's happening next. In this time of COVID-19, trying to predict and control creates a kind of unsettlement. To be more adaptable, free and flexible, you can shift your story, and this can produce a more constructive mood.

How do we cope with so much news?

Paula and Tony talk about the importance of identifying credible sources and information and limiting the number of times you access 'information' daily, to keep calm, present and focused in this time of COVID-19. We are not saying be ignorant, we are saying be 'discerning'.

How to build a support network

Paula and Tony discuss the importance of a support network and investing in a quality conversation each day.

How can we live each day peacefully?

Tony and Paula discuss the idea of living without 'expectation' and replacing expectation with anticipation and hope. You can shift away from anxiety and open to a range of possibilities in a way that positively impacts your mood.

What can I do to get in a good mood?

Paula and Tony share some ideas about how to start your day in a constructive mood. Tips include not reaching for your phone and 'news' first thing in the morning, getting some exercise and of course, a healthy breakfast!

This is what matters right now

Tony and Paula discuss 'coming back to basics' and the importance of the 'basics' in life - the most important relationships, time to talk and using this 'space' COVID-19 offers to reflect and recalibrate.

How do we confront our fears?

Paula and Tony discuss how to manage uncertainty by confronting your fears rather than running away from what makes us uncomfortable. They discuss how fear plays out as a body feeling and how you can catch yourself and shift from control to acceptance.

Live Stream: Leadership Advice to Get Through COVID-19

Watch our live stream recording of tips and advice for leaders working with teams from home. Learn ways to engage in huddle conversations and how you as a leader can enhance mood and morale.

How to generate the life YOU want with Alan Scott

Listen as Alan Scott, a business coach shares his experience, some of the models and approaches he uses to help leaders get clear on what matters most, to get the most from their business and above all, craft their life in a way that supports wellbeing and success.

Reinventing in Retail

We talk with Daniel Mesiti, Business Owner and award-winning Franchisee for Boost Juice. He shares his insights about his journey as a leader, shares what it’s like to work in a ‘disrupted’ industry and some of the key markers in his life that have shaped his choices along his 25-year career path. Daniel is still re-inventing right now and shares his philosophy of how it is to steward his 90 staff through the onboarding process and how important it is to look after them as human beings first and foremost.

Leadership is NOT a thing!

Jack asks Paula and Tony from Liberated Leaders some of the tough questions he explored during his experience in the Liberated Leaders Program. These same questions have delivered for him a deeper and richer experience of leading and teamwork. We move away from the idea that ‘leadership is a thing’ and towards the idea that leadership is a reflection of the way we ’show up’, revealing the narrative through which we see ourselves, others and life more broadly.

Work-Life and Well Being, Tips on Optimal Health with Hayley Meaden

We talk with Hayley Meaden, a Health and Nutrition Consultant and Coach from the Sunshine Coast, QLD, on what it means to live and lead a healthy life in this day and age and what most people don't even consider as a vital requirement to have them function optimally as a human.

How to have tough conversations

We had a request from one of our students to explore more on how to engage tough conversations. We take you through 6 steps that open out a range of possibilities, so you feel more confident in engaging your next tough conversation.

Jack Carew – Testimonial

This video is a testimonial from Jack Carew who now is the Director at Growth Huntr.

About Liberated Leaders

In this video learn all about Liberated Leaders and what you will get from being in our programs. At Liberated Leaders, we prepare leaders to upskill and re-invent themselves and their leadership style to navigate increasingly uncertain and complex operating environments. We do this by building skills and practices to help leaders and their teams deal with growth, change and disruption in a positive and constructive way.

Leadership Masterclass Retreat

This video is about our Masterclasses program which is an intimate retreat-based learning event offered to Foundations Graduates who have a desire to extend their skill-base, reconfigure current practice, extend their learning and keep their networks alive within the Liberated Leaders community.

Our 10-Month Foundations Program

This video is about our Foundations Program which is a 10-month immersion for leaders ready to reinvent themselves and take their leadership to the next level.

1-Day Accelerator Workshop on Leadership in the Workplace

This video is about our 1 day leadership workshop which is for business owners, entrepreneurs, existing leaders and emerging leaders who want to achieve more with their teams, build a culture of accountability, be more innovative and set themselves and their teams up for success.

How Do You Keep Your Team Engaged

This is a short video with tips on helping leaders with new skills for effective listening, to support communications and increase engagement.

How To Create A High Performing Team

This short video gives tips for leaders with new skills for effective listening, conversations and adopting a leader-coach style to develop a high performing environment.

How To Increase Trust And Accountability In Teams

A short video with tips for helping leaders engage in tough conversations and to navigate politics and power dynamics

How To Be More Powerful And Influential

A short video with tips to help leaders transform the way they see themselves, read the situation and overcome provocation.

How To Manage Pressure And Still Achieve Work Life Balance

A short video with tips for leaders to build habits of wellbeing and adopt moods of wonder and ambition to lead through change.

How to Create a Culture of Innovation

A short video with tips on how to lead a team that doesn't feel afraid to fail and try new things for the success of the team.